Saturday, August 14, 2010

like you.

you "don't give an 'f' "....
i don't give one either.
but i won't stand here waving
my middle finger.

the slaps aren't meant to smack you
right in the face.
they're meant to clear the air,
that's what i do in this place.

i relieve myself of the thoughts,
that cycle through my head,
of all the countless times i feared,
i would find you dead.

how 'bout the times you promised
you'd never say a word,
but went on and shared truth and lies,
i bet that's all a blur....

i don't harbor hate inside,
that's all started to subside.
i just feel more pain right now,
an emptiness.
a void somehow....
but a thought that
i use to hold,
my head up,
that you're so bold....
that you don't care if you speak lies....
i just hope you'll realize....
that once the help is in your hands,
and you begin to understand,
there's a whole lot of love to be shared right here,
but all this starts when you look in the mirror....
and look beyond the face that you see there,
beyond the makeup,
behind the hair....
behind the brown eyes,
behind the glare...

you don't give an "f"
i don't give one either.
but i won't stand here waving
my middle finger....

like you.


KaLynn said...

i feel the pain. if this is you, i'm sorry you hurt.

Bossy Betty said...

So powerful, Ashley!

Andrea said...

Wow! Full of emotion! Takes me right to the girl's side.

Marlene said...

Powerful, indeed. Aww, f it....flip the bird!

John McElveen said...


Lovin' it and you!!!